So I go on lots of business-meetings-no-social-life mode and I’ve been spending days in the warehouse overseeing the deliveries and packing and everything. We recruited more people and I have to make sure they don’t make mistakes since they’re new.

Even the non-production Lova Shoes team comes to help till the wee hours. It’s an amazing amazing time at Lova Shoes, not just because of the sales number, but because you can really see the team coming together. Yes we have our bad moments, but when our teammates need us, we would drop everything. Including me.

So…. standing from morning till night without rest to pack orders and check things…. has resulted in this.


Some of our new design collections



Tons of #XoxoLva Tees Shirt

I have so much respect for people in the warehouse. While we sit in the office under the cooling air-cond and just type away on our laptops, our colleagues in production don’t even have a moment to sit!

Another group of people I have a lot of respect for are the postmen. Seeing them everyday, they’re my new best friends now as we chat about things. The relationship is deep, guys. Did you know they wear a back supporter given by their company to help them from getting backaches from carrying the many many guni’s of parcels. One guy yesterday came looking fresh and after carrying like 20 sacks into the van, he was drenched in sweat. Like drenchedddddd. And he’s fasting too!



My dear sister is helping us to do the packaging. Isn’t she so sweet?!


Hello shoe lovers, our customer happiness team is ready to assist you 24/7!


Kinda like sitting on my table!


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