Skin Care

I’m on a plane usually at least twice a month and the constant traveling exhausts my skin. I also have very sensitive skin plus eczema on top of that with outbreaks/flareups (which happened during fashion week omg.) so I’m super cautious of what I put on my skin. It wasn’t until this year that I started diligently taking care of my skin (hello to late 20’s, lack of sleep, insane amount of traveling = slowly aging skin) and working in the field I’m in, I come across a lot of different beauty products. These are my current favorites products that I’ve been using for the past several months. I don’t use all of these products everyday but more on rotation.

I barely get any sleep. I go to shows during the day, eat, then go to an event or two (or three sometimes) at night then come home and work on my blog, email, and Lova Shoes. By the time I shower and sleep, it’s around 3am. Sometimes, even later! Anyways, because of that, I feel like my skin suffers the most so I make sure to pack the best skin products that’ll help me look awake and young!


Your products can’t work their magic if they’re trying to breakthrough a make-up barrier. Massage a cleansing oil over your face in circular motions so it lathers-up, rinse with tepid water.

Seba Med oil cleanser is my favorite among the other brands, cause I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, this light oil cleanser keeps my face clear, soft and hydrated.



For a deep clean, wash morning and night. This thick, rich, and creamy product from Seba Med removes all traces of makeup, even stubborn waterproof eye makeup (all without mineral oil as an ingredient). You apply the “creamy” formula to dry skin, and then wet the included muslin cloth with warm water and dissolve away the cleanser. It makes my skin feel so clean, and my face literally glows,” exclaims one enamored reviewer.



Although my skin might not require much extra moisture, it does need the protection of a broad-spectrum sunscreen year-round. I always look for an oil-free lotion with SPF 15.



Now you’re done with the target treatments, work a simple moisturizing cream/gel/lotion into your face and neck to seal the deal. I prefer to use thermal water from Avene.

Hold it about five or six inches away from your face and spritz. Let it sit for maybe a minute or so, and then (VERY IMPORTANT) blot off the excess with a tissue.


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