Ghe dosai is my favorite dish. Dosai is a staple South indian food, I love to have it for my breakfast or supper. I make most of the time for breakfast and also some times for dinner too. With more interesting chutney and gravy  varieties, the same dosai will taste awesome . Some people like the dosai soft and most of them like crispy dosai. Recently when i made crispy dosai for my friends, they asked me to post for dosai batter recipe and tips to get crispy dosai. You can make dosai with the Idli batter too.

Preparation Time : 4 hrs soaking+10 Hours fermentation |
Cooking Time : 2-3 Mins for each dosai|  

Yields : 12-14

Raw Rice     1 cup
Idli rice      1 cup
Urad dal     1/2 cup
Channa dal    2 tblsp
Methi seeds |vendayam   1 tsp
Salt     as needed

  • Soak the raw rice, idli rice, urad dal, channa dal and methi seeds together for 4 hours.
  • Grind this into a smooth batter adding sufficient water.
  • Add salt and mix well. Keep it aside for 10 to 12 hours for fermentation.
  • Heat a iron pan or non stick pan ,when it is hot, pour 1 and half ladle full of batter in the center of the pan  and immediately make a thin circle. Pour few drops of oil around this.
  • Let this cook in a medium flame till it becomes golden brown. If you want you can flip the other side, when the one side is half cooked.
  • Else you can wait for the top portion to cook completely and fold the dosai and take it out from the pan.



Fold the dosai and serve hot immediately.


Serve dosai with Sambar.



Tips to make perfect crispy dosa.

  1. The batter should be fermented properly.If you are living in a cold county, keep the batter in a warm place or inside a oven.
  2. Over fermented batter will make the dosai sour.
  3. The batter while making should not be thick like a idli batter. If it is thick you add water to make it little thin. Do not make it too thin, it will make the dosa stick to the pan itself.
  4. While making dosas, the pan tend to heat up and will make the dosa slightly cooked while pouring the batter itself. this will not make the dosa spread too. To avoid this, just sprinkle some water on the pan, if it is over heated, and wipe the pan with a clean tissue or cloth and start pouring the batter.
  5. If using iron pan, grease it with oil evenly and start making dosa. A friend of my mom used to scrub the iron pan with raw onion and make the dosa.
  6. Always keep a separate pan for dosai and roti. Never make dosai in the pan which we make chapathi.
  7. Keep the dosa batter outside the refrigerator before 10 minutes  and then start making dosai.
  8. If making dosai batter for 3-4 days, store it in a separate containers. Take out the portion which you want to use. This will not make the entire batter sour.
  9. You can add ghee or butter to dosa  instead of oil, while making it.
  10. If you keep it covered with a lid while making the dosa, it will come out so easily while fliping.
  11. Adding sesame oil while making dosa makes it little good for health.

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