Weekdays pass by really quickly in my world. I’m occupied with work that I don’t really think about anything else (except maybe my blog).

But then weekend comes and knocks on my door, and that’s when I realize that my life is different now.

This weekend I have one rule: NO WORK!

Now, I can do anything I want during the weekends…which feels totally weird.

  • Some of my best friends have gone back to different cities in Indonesia/UK/Aussie/wherever else for their jobs
  • My sister’s working at different city.
  • Meeting my IT team is only on Sunday.
  • I can’t be bothered to go out after 5 days of working

Because of these reasons, my weekend this time will be pretty much me-time. I spend time with family, especially my mama, and the rest is pretty much free time. It’s a funny feeling not having any task to complete or a deadline to meet, I’m feeling guilty for no reason!!

Last weekend, I pampered myself. I went for a massage and facial treatment.

I’m planning to join the gym again, but seeing that the gym membership alone is 8,000,000 IDR a year, I have to priorities my needs.

We’ll see. When I’m ready to part with 8,000,000 (a quarter of a Chanel bag…hmm opportunity cost) for a membership that I’m probably going to use once a month (or none a month), then I’ll join it.

I also went threading and waxing and basically groomed myself from head to toe.

So, last weekend was fun and relaxing. But let’s face it, I can’t do that every single week.

I need to plan something productive to do for the weekend.

My friends have been complaining that I haven’t seen them, but with the whole work stuff, I’d rather not spend too much time outside on my weekend. I’d also love to go shopping, but I’m not into shopping kinda person, unless I really need to buy something then I’ll go for shopping.

I actually really miss cooking. I haven’t cooked since I left Jakarta, and I should probably do so before I forget how to chop onion.

There are actually so many things to do, classes to take, places to see.

But now, somehow I feel like I have to take more effort to do so, because I can get carried away with work and I’m becoming a workaholic with no friends.

I want a healthy lifestyle; happy at work, happy with family, happy with friends, happy in love and yet still not neglecting some alone me-time. Doing something productive everyday and ultimately living life to the fullest.

I know I should make more effort to socialize and balance my life, and I will.

It’s just that now I have to find energy to drag my limbs out of the house.

O Energy…wherefore art thou, energy?

weekend batteries needed

“OMG It’s a weekend! Hands up for the weekend!”


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