Lova Shoes currently is about to put together the founding team. I’m looking the great partners to expand & improve the business. Here’s the characteristic that what I need to look for before getting together with someone, in business.


This is the area that Lova Shoes needs to improve on: IT Operations Branding

I’m looking for co-founders that have different disciplines &  personalities, so we can approach the business in a very different ways. The intentions will always be there, but have a good intentions is a must. The key is to believe in what we’re doing and to believe each other.


  • I’m the type of person who not coaching feedback in compliments, so just be direct with each other.
  • Addressing things when they happen. The key is to get feedback and understand what the problem was
  • Being considerate of feelings, BUT not being restricted by them. Don’t get your feelings get in the way from being direct to each other.
  • Being clear about our roles. What we have to deliver and hold each other.
  • Trust. This is the co-pillar in everything.
  • Being dedicated to the same vision. I’m finding perfect co-founders who will be always committed to Lova Shoes being a global & fast growing company. I think it’s very different by being a lifestyle choice than being a lifestyle company where you can do something so you can work less hours, take a holiday and things like that. Very different commitment, but it’s very important that the founding team can unite in the same vision.

Finding a great founding team is the things what I’m looking for. So, if you reading my blog and about to put together your founding team to start your business or to expand your business, I’m so excited fo you and that’s great! But, if you have found your founding team, please share your experience! That will be great for people to read & I will just love to hear from you and your experiences.

find co-founders


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