I’m back in Jakarta now. so hello my darling blog. Traveling has become such a big part of my life and what I do. I spend so many hours on a plane, that comfort is key but I’ve never been one to be seen anywhere in sweatpants (that’s not leather) and you never know who you’re going to run into! Here are some of my recent travel outfits from the past month!


I wore a The Perfect suede fringe jacket, distressed boyfriend jeans and my mini box bag.


When I travel, I tend to carry one giant travel bag and a small carry on luggage that fits my laptop, phone, and essentials such as travel beauty products that I need for the plan. I bought these loafers from Lova Shoes and wore them on my flight back with distressed cropped Jeans that has a good stretch.



Had my hot tea at Starbucks while waiting for my flight. The idea was to sit in a corner of a cafe, with my laptops and excel sheets. Everyone needs WiFi these days it should already be a human right, like the whole country should be WiFi-ed already! lol


Was trying to close my eyes while waiting to get in to the plane


I wore Lova Shoes Sneakers for my flight back to Jakarta and pair it with black pants

I have the privilege of traveling in front (Lucky me). I had some fish with rice at the plane, 5 cups of mineral water, some cakes & 3 packets of nuts (Having nuts during your flight is good). I also finished watching the entire season of House of Cards. It’s so addicting!

Really, we all should. Look at what God has given us.  Small or big, we all have something to be thankful for. And it means nothing if we don’t take a moment to appreciate it, and challenge ourselves to one day give back.

I believe we’re all here for a purpose. Either to build the economy, to help others, to feed people, to defend the nation, to impart knowledge, to lead a successful company, to do something other than only personal pursuits. Dira recently told me what her dream was, and I thought it to be such a noble thing and I want her to know I’ll be behind her all the way (even though I laughed in her face hehe).

My dream is to ensure Lova Shoes a success. And all I know is through writing, I wouldn’t have discovered more about myself than I am discovering now. I don’t really know where this will take me, but I wouldn’t want to stop just yet.

Anyway, enough babbling.


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