I’ve been sick!! Indonesians say “masuk angin” because I have lunch slightly later than usual for the past 1 week and I skip my workout routine for more than one month now. Don’t know why my body is being so manja lately, I usually don’t have this problem. I kept puking in the middle of the night. And anything I ate after that, goes back out. Like what do you want from me, right?!! Eat also wrong, don’t eat also wrong.

When I’m sick, I usually like to sleep in my mother’s room. Cos I’m a BIG BABY, ok? I’ll be curled up in a fetal position, with my laptop nearby of course. Still can’t live without my gadget, sick or not.

Tomorrow I’ll go to work since I’d be bored at home and my “masuk angin”-ness isn’t contagious tho.



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