Lova Shoes Basics

I had a nice Saturday just chilling and watching movies. I’ll be casual too. When it comes to transitional dressing, suede is a safe bet for me. I wear jeans all year around so when I wear them with suede pumps or a suede jacket, I’m instantly fall appropriate and well prepared for the slightly chilly but not so cold fall weather. I’m wearing these suede Lova Shoes pumps. This teal color because I felt like it’d be a great accent (btw we launched a really cool designs on Lova Shoes today, click here to see!). Done!

I want to highlight a bit on these pumps because they’re from LOVA SHOES BASICS latest collection launching on Monday. With LOVA SHOES BASICS, we wanted to offer customers basic wear that are all must-haves as the building blocks of every wardrobe. So, don’t miss out.

Lova Blog-1

Lova Blog-2

Have fun shopping on Monday as we are also giving a week-long promotion of 20% off WHOLE CART if you have one or more LOVA SHOES BASICS item in your cart. The coupon code will be revealed in our newsletter tomorrow so click here if you haven’t already signed up to Lova Shoe



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