I love cooking. Weekend is a must-cook-time for me. I am not a chef; I am not even a trained cook. So yes, I do think the fact that I am a bit of a kitchen klutz, and trying to fit cooking into an already busy life..and thanks to Nigela Lawson, for her inspiring show & inspiring me to cook a real cooking, the sort that goes on in homes, does not have to be tricky or difficult.

Ever since I’ve been hooked to her show, I have some crazy imagination that I must be a kitchen goddess. Like I just must be! Perhaps a hidden talent that needs to be unleashed? I convinced myself this. Gosh!

I have a few recipe books people got me as birthday gifts (how’d they know) so I flipped through them. Gosh the pictures look so good they must have gone through a few rounds of photoshop. I salivated a little flipping through them. In the end, I got stressed because I couldn’t decide on a chicken dish so I ended up eating out that night. Haha.

But this whole eating out business isn’t very healthy if done all the time, so I went to the supermarket and made friends with the butcher guy. Got some tips from him, and found out what fish is good to grill, what fish is good to fry, which one is good to steam etc etc. Anyway!

So I got home. In my head, I’m making a Nigela Lawson quality dish. It’s a coconut rice and Hainanese chicken style with mushroom sauce, and some veggies with salt and pepper.

COME ON NOW… Did you guys not drool a bit at that description??

I was frantically moving around the kitchen from pot to pan to grill. If this was a reality show and you fast forwarded me, I would’ve reminded you of a monkey.

Anyway, I was so on my game! Marinated the chicken, put it aside to leave it to the end, cooked the rice, mushroom sauce in sauce pan ready to be stirred.

And has resulted in this:










I just had to take selfie of me and my food okay, please excuse my look


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