I decided to start my workout routine again. This time I want to play tennis. I say “again” as if I’ve been throughout my previous whole gym membership period at Golds Gym. Well, I have… twice. And I still have lots of sessions left.

and… ughhhh writing about this more is getting me upset. Haha.




I realize I need to get healthy and I need to do my exercise as motivation. So that one energetic morning, I marched my way to the tennis court. I was so excited because I bought a bunch of Nike outfits and even new sneakers with those platform thingies (I’m sure they do something, but I just like them because they make me look a bit taller.)

Entered the court realizing that I need to do a lot of exercise to lose the post-travelling flab, I stepped on the court. Ummm must do the warming up first right? I got so motivated after feeling the calories burned out as I had lots of perspiration.  Like whoaaaa I’m pretty sure that Coco Crunch I eat earlier completely been sweated out from my body. This is too cool.

People who came in and out gave me smiles and I felt so accomplished. I’ve never met them before so they have no idea I’m a workout lazybie. This is my chance to pretend I’m a regular at the court and I know what to do… that thing over there is for steaming right? (my friend told me later it’s for sauna, so good thing I didn’t go for it.) It’s ok, my tennis-goer reputation is still fresh and solid.

So I played for 30 minutes. That’s enough, then. First day, I shouldn’t push it too much. Baby steps. Plus, the people who just stepped in wouldn’t know I’ve only been there for 30 minutes.

I left the tennis court feeling very cool and energized. The feeling after you’ve exercised is the best, isn’t it?

I told my friend, “I think tennis could be my next thing. Didn’t I look like a pro today?”

My friend looked at me up and down, “You still have the price tag on your new sneakers.”

What?! Dang it. So close!


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