Ended my day in town to meet some business people. What is up with the night jam in town?! No wonder we’re all so stressed. Well, there’s nothing new actually.

I’m working on a new project and as usual, the start of every new company involves loads of documents and words I myself can’t understand. *have to take another degree in law* But of course, like a true duck, calm and collected but paddling like mad underneath. I just smile and nod calmly and let all the what-on-earth-is-a-sinking-fund questions run all over my mind. Time to Google and go “Owwhhh cehhh, I know this!”

Have a great weekend ahead, errrrbody!

(Monochrome outfit is always my choice (especially when I stuck in options), white shirt + black leather skirt and pair it with Lova Shoes Gold Pumps).

Ok, this is random but I have been listening to this song for the past two days. Listening to this song somehow giving me energy at work. Hehehe


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