I was thinking about my shopping habit. I really don’t mind shopping anywhere; from Branded stuff to pasar Tanah Abang. & Pasar baru. A true shopaholic will find something good anywhere. Haha.



Just a few months ago I was at Pasar Tanah Abang for the first time.


This area is known for wholesale fashion outlets selling clothes that well….aren’t of the best quality. But surprisingly, I’ve seen them being put in really nice boutiques around Pondok Indah Mall and Some of shopping malls in Jakarta and Bandung. I was there for that though but apparently I can’t buy much at Tanah abang, cause you can’t buy 1 or 2 things, you’ve got to buy in bulk. I was there for experience and also I heard they sell really nice accessories stuff there. That’s where I got my batik pajamas, my necklace, my bangle and my mother got a very nice hijab to wear.

There are other stuff too, I discovered. But I only went to the block A & B. I didn’t go to the other blocks. They’re so huge, no wonder this place is called the biggest shopping area in Southeast Asia. Next trip with my mother I will go to the other blocks.

I had lunch with my mother in the food-court. Their food court is so clean. I would prefer to go to the food-court in Block A, they have more food variety. I had very nice ‘kue cubit’, ‘gado-gado’, ‘ketoprak’ and ‘tempe mendoan’ . My favorite Indonesian food & snacks. I finished all the food I ordered cause they’re just so tasty. Gosh!




Oh, parking isn’t easy there. You better go to Pasar Tanah Abang by public transport, I went there by Commuter a.k.a KRL.



I also went to Pondok Indah MallSenayan City last weekend. Haven’t been there for sooooo long that I went a bit oh-my-god for a while.

I actually really love shopping in Blom M Plaza. You could get all the famous high street brands there with an affordable prices and the mall isn’t too big that you need plasters for your feet after 2 rounds.

As for in KL, I usually go for shopping in One Utama (New wing), same as in Blok M plaza, you could get all the famous high street brands there with an affordable prices.

Last month I went to Starhill – KL to attended Fashion Week, it was a new design launching from Kenzo, MC. Queen, Valentino & Debenhams, If you go to Starhill, you won’t find local brands, they only have all the international brands like I mentioned of the above.

I went there with Suyin. I actually asked her to join me as I haven’t met her for sooooooooo long, so we went like an airport reunion when we met.

C360_2015-10-03-15-23-41-942 (1)


Me with Suyin. I was wearing Lova Shoes sneakers



A present from Alexander Mc.Queen, a very beautiful bag in white.


Suyin dragged me to Debenhams after the show. Hehe. Sigh.


As soon as we entered the shop, my heart beat faster. My legs were unwillingly navigating my whole body into the shop, but my heart was already in the fitting room, asking the nervous guy if he had a top in my size. I decided my heart was a lot more fun, but I followed brain commands at the end of my shopping purchase stages

Brain: You don’t need this, you greedy woman.

Heart: Don’t be silly, of course you do! You need more working clothes. Look at the blazers, you don’t have the white color yet.

Brain: But you already have like 20 blazers in various colors..

Heart: But this is white, idiot.

Brain (or heart, I’m not sure anymore): Oh ho oh… white… nice….

Dangerous point emerging.

Soon after….



It didn’t help that I was with Suyin, the President of “Yeah, Buy, Buy! So nice!!” Association.

At the till, my brain and my heart were debating again.

Brain: Excuse me, miss,you can’t afford this. Half your salary already all of this.

Heart: Still got another half, it’s ok.

Brain: Oh that’s good. Just forget about saving for the future, then!

Heart: Ehh, diem deh yeeee. These are clothes for work. They’re practically an investment.

Brain: An investment, your head lah. Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sigh, my brain gives up so easily.

Since my Hand is geographically lot closer to my Heart, it always listen to the Heart and readily handed my card to the smiling cashier.

But then, suddenly my brain fought all over again and said

“Look, you have tons of white shirt and why the heck you still need to buy white blazer?”

Sometimes the Hand doesn’t even hear the Brain since the reception is not too good down there. Some of the messages are also manipulated and changed by the Heart, before it reaches the Hand.

See, it’s not me who set the terms. Blame it on biology.

Whatever it is, I’ve passed the denial stage.

I’ll gladly say it.

Hi, I’m Astry and I didn’t shop at Debenhams. Infact, at the end of it Debenhams gave me a present, it’s a white shirt.



Men section! Suyin tried finding some under wears for her hubby. Oh I love this section! Haha



Some shopping tips for all of us:

  • You see the “Fitting Room” sign? Don’t be lazy. We must go there and try on stuff before purchasing. I used to be really lazy and think I know my size already. But things don’t umm fit as nicely anymore, so I always have to try clothes on. (I hate you, sate padang)
  • If you can, try not to bare all in the fitting room. You really never know if they have cameras in there or if people can see you from a hole somewhere. Try to keep a tank top on or some leggings or something. Never take off all of your clothes. We have really sick people around these days. You really never know.
  • Credit cards are enemies. Cash or debit cards are friends.
  • Wear heels. The most painful heels so you won’t be able to shop for long. Whoever told you to wear flats while shopping just want you to stay longer and buy more. Remember that!
  • Make a list. Okay, scratch that. It never works. I usually end up with nothing on the list and everything that isn’t on the list.
  • Shoulder bags are more comfortable than totes. Shoulder bags leave your hands free for more shopping bags. Therefore, carry tote bags while shopping so it’s harder for you to carry more purchases.
  • Don’t get a size too small thinking you’ll go to the gym.
  • Go shopping with a friend! When it comes to shopping, I’m really independent. I love to shop alone! But I realise I spend a lot more when I’m alone. If you’re a shopaholic, get a friend who isn’t or a friend who tells you everything is ugly. If you want, you can borrow my sister. Hehe.

Any more shopping tips you guys would like to share?


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