OK, remember my previous post that confidently gave you tips on curbing the impulsive shopping habits? What I forgot to mention was that when it comes to online shopping, we’re pretty much screwed.

Not only eveerrrryyythhinnng is staring at you in your small screen, not only is it easier to look through each and everyone of them without your boyfriend giving you a zombie stares in the stores, but the best thing is that you can shop anywhere! At work, in uni, at home, heck you can even shop sitting on the toilet bowl!

Recently, some online retailers in Indonesia had a sale that the more you buy, the more discount you get. I call it the devil sale. Like if you spend $150, you get $15 off.  If you spend $1000, you get $250 off. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for their evil plans, even tho I am an online retailer too. Needless to say, I spent 3 hours of my precious time adding 20 items to my “basket” and exchanging links of the clothes with my sister on Whatsapp (who was also btw on board my basket ship to bankruptcy doom). You should see us online shop; pupils growing bigger, hands shivering with excitement, palms sweating, cheeks going pale, oblivious to the outside world, gulping and not blinking. It’s comedy in itself!

But after you get past the I-hate-myself-and-I-swear-I-will-never-shop-again excuse that you know will disappear when the next email comes, you can find comfort in knowing that in a few days, there will be a package at the door, waiting to be signed. Kind of like getting presents. Who says you can’t have Christmas everyday?? And this time, you don’t have to change your boyfriend’s laptop wallpaper from a BMW i8 to the gorgeous Chanel bag, nearer to the time of your anniversary, suggesting that something must be wrong with his laptop. Girls, go online and get your own presents! Delivered to you, hopefully by a handsome mailman.



My sister who is having the COS (Compulsive Online Shopping) a.k.a online shopping syndrome


Stages of the COS:

  1. Nervous – when you see the emails coming in, but you open them anyway because they had the word “discount” on the subject
  2. Excitement – when you see the stuff you like and as you wait for the pictures to load. This is when sweat is produced, and blood flows out of your brain and into your fingers to click.
  3. Denial – when you know you don’t need that floral dress, but you resure you overheard your friend wanting to host a garden theme birthday party sometime soon. Add to basket. Or you think you already have a shoes in nude color, but you left it at your hometown cause you’re living in different place now, so you start thinking it might not be the exact same model. Add to basket.
  4. Shock – hours later, when you see the number and amount of items you’ve added.
  5. Guilt – when you hit the Proceed with Payment button.
  6. Anger and depression – when you start hating yourself and curling under your blanket when you see your depleting bank balance online. This is when people come up to you and say “I told you so”.
  7. Worry – am i going to end up living under somebody’s stairs with a bunch of nice clothes, nice shoes but no money?
  8. Happiness – when the item arrives. and you forget about point 1-7 completely.

See, there is a happy ending! Be positive, like what my mother always tell me.

At the end of the day, you have to evaluate your spending as a whole.

I don’t drink, so I don’t spend thousands on alcohol that’ll just come out as pee. I spend thousands on clothes that last forever. Ok, maybe not thousand tho, but I have my clothes like in everywhere, I left it in Kuala lumpur, I left it in Bandung & now I also have it in Jakarta.

I don’t smoke, so I don’t spend on cigarettes. I spend on shoes.

I don’t party, so I don’t spend on buying party clothes that you can only wear once. I spend on clothes that you can wear for work (mostly).

I don’t do drugs…well, because I have a brain.

I don’t go on many vacations, so there’s some money saved on airline tickets and hotel accommodations, that can be donated to the accessories department.

I don’t splurge on make up (anymore), because I believe you just need one of everything. I splurge on bags, because you need more than one of everything.

And I earn my own money, I have my own business, writing for my blog, investing and selling old clothes & books online (I have to manage my stuff in Kuala Lumpur soon tho).

See, the balance of your economy has been restored. 



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