Oh I’ve missed you, my blog my love. Been too busy peeing.

Anyway, I’ve been asked, “What is the one thing you can’t leave your house without?” Honest to God, I can’t leave the house naked-faced. I have reddish skin and because it’s so sensitive I get red marks easily when I’m too hot/too cold/too stressed/too everything.

I feel like I’m always lacking on sleep (I can’t remember the last time I had my 8 hours of beauty sleep) so I’m going to share with you three beauty essentials that help me feel and look wide awake.


1. Perfect Foundation

I’ve been using Even Better foundation for years now. I don’t use foundation for daily basis, I only use it for some important meetings or attending functions.

Let’s say you have your base makeup done. For me that’s just filling in my eyebrows, applying sunscreen which takes about 10 minutes every morning (8 minutes goes to trying to make my brows even. haha).

I know I’m not the only one who is obsessed with the Clinique foundation. It gives me an instant glow on my cheeks and is super easy to apply so I just apply it with my fingers without using a brush. The cool thing about it is that it’s really suitable for sensitive skin like mine. My girlfriends and I all love this shade.


2. Eyelash Extension

Basically, the lady will glue individual lashes onto your existing eyelashes. This will give the best results and every morning you’ll wake up feeling gorgeous. You’ll look into the mirror and go, “Good morning, Stunning!” Hahahaha 😛

I saw it at Urban Retreat in Harrods, but it was hundreds of pounds. In Kl the price was RM 250, so I just forgot about it. But I found out that they offer it in salons here too…and it’s about IDR 300,000, half price from in KL.

One of the places that I always go to for my eyelash extension is in Gorjes Hair Studio. They offer cheaper price with the same quality like the other salons in Jakarta.


Makeup friend-3

It’s so cool you know. You never have to wear mascara or eyeliner again! You won’t even have to worry about eye make-up for a while! But you have to sit for one hour while they do it, you have to wash your face really gently in case you accidentally touch your eyelashes. The eyelash extension will last for a few months, and they’ll drop one by one.


Remember back then when I was talking to a friend about doing eyelash extension, and my mom was in the background eavesdropping as usual. After I hung up, “Why would you want to alter what God gave you? You should be grateful you even have eyelashes, there’s no need to go through all this nonsense.” Oh dearrr….and there I had to endure an hour lecture from my mother about how we should be thankful that God made us as perfect as possible and how we shouldn’t alter God’s creations.

So, since I’m hopeless at using fake eyelashes. The last time I  tried it, it took me 30 mins. Gosh! I spent some time fixing the glue on properly and really carefully apply it. Then blink lots of times to make sure it’s stuck hard Trust me, I look constipated when I put it on myself. Not to mention Of course the whole night you’ll get compliments on how nice your eyelashes are, but you won’t even be able to take it all in because you’re so sure it’s sticking out or something. Oh the pressure is just too much for me for using fake eyelashes. Plus, 30 mins to apply fake eyelashes + 10 mins to apply sunscreen & eyebrow = 40 mins. How time consuming is that right? So, after thinking long and hard, I decided to do it. Save more time. *angel face*

so if you’re interested go for it.


3. Perfume

Ok, face done. Eyelash done. I look awake I guess.

But do I feel awake? Not really… so I use a very powerful trick with some perfume. Throughout the years, I went from zero perfume to trying so many of them and naturally, since I like everything masculine and elegant, I really like the scent of this Ralph Lauren perfume. It’s so small and easy to carry and the fresh scent helps me feel awake!

Makeup friend-1








Ok ready to go out now. Hehe.

So smoothen it all round and here’s me with the base + eyelash extension + perfume.


The foundation and perfume last for 12 hours, so I’ve got till after dinner before I turn into a pumpkin again!

I’m sure you’ll do an even better job as I’m not very good with makeup! So if a noob like me can do this, you definitely can too.


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