What’s fun about my job is that I get to always chat with the brand owners in Jakarta specifically. From there, I get an insight of their highs and lows and find ways how to work together to help elevate our brand name, online and offline.


And even in this tech era where e-commerce is booming, you still can’t ignore the power of physical presence. When you have a brand, people still ask you “tokonya mana?”. And you go “Beli online aja.” And they go, “Aduh, tapi ibu gak tau cara beli online.” Hehe. *insert my mom as those ibu*


I really think to elevate brand image and credibility; you still need to have a physical store as well as online presence. If you have both, it’d be awesome for your brand. And I keep thinking about this when I think about Lova Shoes. Do we need to open a store? Where? How much will it cost? What if no one comes? Etc etc.

So location is always key.  I came across this project of Lova Shoes and whether or not I take a lot or two, I thought I’d share with you in case this is something you might be interested in and the location is your target market.


The One Belpark Lifestyle Mall.

One Belpark-2

The first lifestyle shopping mall with one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment, located along Jln Rs.Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan.

Public transport wise, angkot, metromini, taxi and it’s even easy to order ojek cause mas-mas security are so friendly that they allow ojek drivers to pick up customers from the main lobby. I mean how cool is that, you don’t have to walk to the main road in order to find your ojek. So you can imagine this will be the mall that people will meet for meetings, meals and gatherings or simply to do their shopping!

One Belpark-1


As for myself, I judge a shopping mall from their cinema as I love to see movie at cinemas. The cinema is located nearby from the escalators and nearby the lift. It’s just so convenience to get there. The most important thing is that the cinema giving us discount 50% till end of the year. So, I spent IDR 25,000 ONLY for watching Spectre! Fine, I know that I’m kinda late of watching it, but it’s totally worth it as I got the best deal. *wink*

One Belpark-4

I finished my meeting at 5pm. Went to feed my tummy first while waiting for my movie to start. Just admit it we ladies are deeply in love with the words of “sale”, “Buy one get one”, “special discount” of offers. Pupils go bigger, hearts beating so fast and brain goes crazy. But have to remain cool, slow and steady as we don’t want people to look at us  thinking as if we are freak. There are so many restaurants here giving good offers and I found the best deal at Talaga as I felt like eating lotek and tahu gejrot for my late lunch. The friendly question such as “Sendirian aja nih mba?” came from the cashier lady, followed by “Gimana makanannya mba, apa mba suka dengan rasanya?” I like it when a shop or restaurant have these kind of customer service.

One Belpark-3

If you’re a retailer or a potential one, you might want to consider this one as One Belpark is open for lease. If interested, visit their website. No harm checking it out before every lot gets leased out!

Light up your lifestyle!


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