So, you’ve seen them in the airport check in counter with their sleek, tiny suitcases — those travelers who go on board on multi-week vacations with just a 21-inch carry-on and a smug smile. Man, how on earth do they pack their lives into shoebox-size bags?

If there’s one rule of thumb by which smart travelers should abide, it’s this: pack multi-purpose items. You can pack half as much (and say “sayonara” to airline baggage fees) if you’ve got the right travel gear.

Ok, let’s be real; traveling is both exciting and draining. There’s always one million things to do, shows to attend (if you travel for work purpose), people to meet, shops, outfit changes, updating social media 24/7… I mean, c’mon! It’s hard work guys! By the third day, I’m already exhausted. It’s probably one of the most draining experiences every season, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s my passion.

With all the traveling fun and chaos, it’s been hard for me to stay organized because I’m always on the go… running out the door early in the morning, running back to my hotel to do an outfit change for attending show/event, hailing cabs (which btw, takes foreverrr sometimes. Gosh!), to having quick meetings and little ootd in between everything.

So, I devise with a more intelligent strategy on how to survive travelling and this way of packing helped me! You can check below.








Earphones: Kept me entertained while I rode in the cabs and in the plane, they look cool on- an accessory statement!

Ipad: My life saver!! My everything!!

Necklaces: I tried to always carry a couple of bold pieces with me just incase i might need to layer or switch them off.

Sunglasses: I’m not that obsessed with sunglasses, I only have like 3 pairs of them at home. But for travelling I ended up always carrying 2 pairs with me because I never knew when I needed to switch them out and photograph a different look.

Books: Most of the times I’m travelling alone, so books are my perfect companion. Always bring them everywhere I go as I love to read books.

Watch: If I didn’t have it on me, I had it in my purse to help me obviously be on time with my meetings.

Bandaids: Let’s face it, my feet can’t stand wearing high heels for one week straight non-stop, especially in the cobblestone streets and all. I always carried bandaids with me to help me with any woes.

Makeup: Tried not to carry a big makeup bag because it does get heavy, so I only took with me my favorite lipstick, powder, Switzal baby perfume (love the smell) and don’t forget hair comb as you don’t want to look funny during your travelling.




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