Ok. A blogger’s best friend is really her laptop, her fingers, AND a camera.

I often take pictures and capture moments so I find cameras a necessity. A MUST! Hence, I am super picky about cameras (I mean in terms of price. haha)

I wouldn’t just do any camera review, but I just HAVE to tell you guys about the Sony Alpha ILCA-A68

It comes in one color; black.

It followed me around to work today and I was so ndeso taking pictures of everything.



The color is very sharp, don’t you think??

This is just me trying to see if this camera can make me look nice. Sigh…like my mom always says, “Udah nak, Tuhan kasih muka model begitu, mau dibuat bagaimana lagi?” whenever I complain to her that she always makes me so uggers.


Ignore my face, but look at how vivid the colors are? I was quite amazed.

Ok, I had to give the camera a rest as I continued working.

Last night, Tasya had a sleepover at my house. Sometimes, you get caught up in career and life, that you take for granted some of the important things.

Tasya and I have been so busy with our own things that we declared ourselves horrible friends of the decade.

“Yeah, I don’t read your blog anymore because it makes me sad that I’m so busy and I’m not a part of your activities.”

“Yeah, I don’t read your blog anymore too….because it reminds me of death.”

(You can guess who said which line)

“Ok from now on, before we get married, we have to sleepover once a month”

“OK SETTLE!! I’ve missed you so much.”

“PLUS one dinner a week too…. Or is that too much?”

“We might be going too fast….”

“Yeah don’t think we’re there yet in our relationship.”

“Ok, one sleepover wajib, one dinner sunat.”

I was excited to test out the camera properly with her, so we went through the features together. Seriously right…I love this camera! So many features and modes!!

This morning, I cooke some porridge with chicken and garlic for her.


Taken with the Gourmet mode.

You can choose which color background you want.

Ok so we tested the features right…

There’s the normal Auto mode which admittedly is my most-used mode. The camera features better sensor with hybrid AF system and BSI technology that will give you more details / ISO range while shooting in low light condition.

Then there’s the Scene Selection mode; dark, bright, food, pets, snow, beach, etc.

There’s also this Soft Skin mode that Tasya and I immediately LOVED.

Normal Mode

Any blemish on your face is gone and you’ll seen like you have flawless-like skin!!

We both went “Omg, Soft Skin me!!!” and shoved the camera to the other person as we smile and pose.


Tasya with Soft Skin mode.

Ok I look crappy, I just woke up and I didn’t even wash my face as I had to cook breakfast for both of us (all shiny some more!) but look at Tasya! She had a big pimple on her forehead and using the Soft Skin mode, it disappeared!!!! I swear!!

Can you imagine how much fun girls will have with this camera?! Deceiving, man!


As  a blogger and an amateur photographer, I learn very early on that light is our best friend. That’s why it’s so scary for many of us when we’ve got camera in hand, and the light starts to fade.  Most just pack up and go home. Unfortunately, that’s also when the real magic happens. Yes, it does take some practice and a few basic tools, but shooting “in the dark” can be really fun and exciting, and create incredibly dramatic images.

And has resulted in this:


I captured this shot experimenting in the dark night without no light at all, in my bedroom. Settings: F22, 30 second exposure, ISO 400. The fun thing about this shot is that I’m in it. Haha. I like the little bit of blur on me from the 30-second exposure, while everything else is sharp and in focus.

It looks so professional!!!

I just love this blurry effect to create a dreamy-like photo and pull more focus towards a wanted point. No more need for Photoshop if you want to blur background. Just one click with this camera.

And my most ndeso a.k.a kampungan picture of all!

You know those really wide photos for portrait work Well I thought you can only achieve that with SLRs! But with this Sony camera, you can get that effect too.

You just click and move the camera slowly like making a semi circle. It will process and TA-DA!!


Captured 10 minutes after sunset. Lens: 10-22. Settings: F16, 10 second exposure, ISO 100

Really good when you have a huge group of people to take, or at places where you want to take a wider angle to show more in the photo!

And if you’re really artsy fartsy, you can combine all these features together into a photo that really does not need any more editing. It’s like having a mini touch screen no-fuss SLR!

For more info, log on to here


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