It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t had time to blog everyday (pardon me). I realize I still haven’t colored my hair, the color of my hair is like black at the top and dark brown at the bottom. Feel like want to hide my face with a plastic bag every time I see people.

Everyone says you need a balance in your life; balance between work, family, love life, friends and your time. But really, 24 hours a day is just not enough to fit all of that. That’s why when I’m asked if women can have it all, I say NO. There’s no need to sugarcoat it, we don’t live in la la la land. As wives we need to make sure our husband’s life is sorted, as working women we need to make sure deadlines are met and tasks are completed, as friends we need to make sure we are up to date with our friends’ lives, and the biggest role of all; as moms we need to be the ultimate go-to person for all of our children’s needs. When do we even have time to shower?

For me, I’m really lucky that my work and family lives are intertwined. I’m still single so I can focus in my business. Sometimes getting complaint from my Mama, cause she hardly see me going out for a date. Too busy taking care of Lova Shoes. hehe. I spend times with my mother too. She always come and visit me every time she wants. She has been helping my shoe line by controlling the production side (esp when I’m overseas).

I’d be on my phone with the different department group chats, and would be constantly on excel sheets analyzing finance and whatnot… It’s ok for me because I understand how important it is to finish up those tasks. Not only is fashion a fast-paced business, but combine that up with e-commerce, an industry that can change and flip in minutes! If I’m not in it, I wouldn’t understand why I’m glued to my laptop. That’s the only arrangement I know.

Healthy or not, that is the reality. I am so passionate about my job and I take it as my responsibility to make sure Lova Shoes grows and grows to make it profitable and to work towards being able to give bonuses to my teams to better everyone’s lives. It’s crazy sometimes that at dinner, we are actually just discussing work issues and working out best strategies. We never get a break from work, and weirdly, we don’t actually mind because we love it.

Another highlight was I stood in my laundry room, staring at the piles (and piles!) of clothes waiting to be folded and thinking about the other loads still waiting to be washed in my room. Sigh!

That was the last basket. I had HAD it with SO MUCH laundry!

Right then and there, eyes wild and determined, I decided to try an experiment: I decided to pack up most of my clothing and try living with a minimal amount of items in my closets for one month. I had so much more than I needed; my laundry situation was just plain OVERWHELMING. I figured that if I washed one load of laundry every day, I would always have something to wear, even if the selection was drastically reduced.

I began by packing up the “backup clothing”—the things I only ever wore if there was nothing else clean. Once I was left with the clothing I actually wore, I decided how many items of clothing I would have in my drawers for the next month, and the rest was washed, dried, and packed into the box.

Those four weeks of minimal clothing were LAUNDRY BLISS.

I didn’t feel suffocated by ALL of the clothing EVERYWHERE. I could breathe guys!

In order to stay on top of things, I did one load of laundry twice a week. Each morning I would gather up the dirty clothes that had been worn the day before. Put them in the basket waiting to be washed.

Laundry actually became enjoyable for me. I liked that it was something I could take care of, and be finished with…instead of feeling like there was always more that needed to be done.  Now I know where best to spend my money when picking out dirty clothes. I learned how to choose clothing that would earn the space it occupied and would work hard for my self, getting worn often and loved well…what fabrics, what fits and styles, and what brands, even!

The most important lesson I learned was a deeper appreciation for what I had. I took the time to look for lost articles of clothing, to remove stains, to mend seams…because each piece of clothing was an important part of my wardrobe. Strangely enough, it didn’t feel burdensome like I expected; it felt like I was truly caring for the things I had, with gratitude. I felt a kinship with homemakers of years past, who hand-washed entire loads of laundry, felt proud of my whitest whites, and made-do with a minimal wardrobe themselves. Surprisingly, living with less made me feel more grateful and richly blessed than when I had more stuff hanging around.


My laundry for this week


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