I’m not a bag person which is why you probably see me carrying the same bag over and over again.

“Never look into a woman’s handbag.”

That is because you can tell a lot about a girl based on what she carries around with her.

If her bag is almost empty, that shows she’s either carefree and easy-going, or she’s super forgetful.

If her bag is always heavy and full, that shows that she’s slightly on the high-maintenance side, or indecisive.

Ok. so what’s in your bag?





I like to bring all the essentials with me; keys, purse, lipstick, phone, laptop, band-aids, some mint and baby oil (Indonesian says minyak kayu putih). If I know it’s going to be a relaxed day, a good book is always a friend. And the most important of all, tissue paper. I know to always bring tissue. Oh and a pad when it’s that time of the month. *wink*


1. Ahh, Adele Heart eye emojis.
2. I can’t wait to see this!
3. It is super cute seeing tiny Japanese kids taking the trains by themselves.
4. Black Friday – it’s a real thing baby!
5. Ok. Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole dropped a pair of Black Friday gifts on fans to create their own new songs. Guess what’s the tittle? Both tittled “Black Friday”
6. I guess I’m all about this music this week – Backstreet’s back all right!! Remembering those time where I had to dance into this song on the school stage when I was 11. Haha

1. This chicken rice is just the kind of comfort food that’s perfect for fall.
2. Next level sundaes in the sunday hot weather. Yes please!
3. These chocolate espresso snickerdoodles!
4. Apple cinnamon French toast casserole, yes please. Gosh!

1. My copy of Food Whore is on it’s way and I can’t wait to dig in.
2. I decided to treat myself to a pair of Nude Wedges and I am so, so in love. Well, I deserve own one as I’m working so hard. hehe.
3. Still decide whether I shoud get this or not
4. Cozy in a box is awesome.


Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Love in your dream shoes,
xoxo Astry


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