I’m cured!!

I was sneezing my weekend away recently, wiping snot every few minutes and giving tissue some profit in sales.

It got worse after yesterday and last night I was just lying in bed feet apart, arms apart with tissues constantly in sight.

I’m sure things will change just because I say this, but I don’t get the flu very often and I often boast to my mother & my sister about how immune system is pretty awesome.


Not this time though. I looked like Rudolph and was just pouring water down my throat.

Took a good sleep.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I felt soooo good. My nose was clear, my eyes weren’t painful, I was feeling on top of the world again.

“I’m cured!!!!”

So since I’m cured. I had the night free to myself. After night prayers, I read a bit of the Quran and felt so at peace. Then, I thought ok.. me time. Now.. what do I want to do? The first thought was immediately laptop to reply some emails… No no. That’s not proper me time. Hmmm what are people doing on Instagram? No nooooo, Astry stop it, I told myself. Think about yourself, not the rest of the world.

I thought it would be nice to have some reading time. Grabbed a scope of ice cream and checked my books. Hmmm.. which book. My eyes fell on “One Click”, the e-commerce success story. I picked that up. Hmm… but I know I’ll think about work after. Screw that, let’s make tonight a wild night yeaa? So I turned on my laptop, but honest to God I didn’t watch TED Talks or read business blogs not even checking out my website’ control management system, I watched a movie last night!! Yeapp, it’s me, my ice cream and a romantic movie for me to enjoy.

Fine, it was not a romantic movie. I watched three episodes of Gordon Ramsay’ Hotel Hell. And after that, I couldn’t remember what happened as I slept in which condition that you don’t want to hear. Haha.

 Man… being alone doing something just for me, is really pretty awesome.

Hope you will have your “wild” time soon!


Caffeine and Egg on bread for breakfast


1. Ahh, Gordon Ramsay is so inspiring.

2. I can’t wait to see this!

3. it’s pretty badass, how to think differently about your money and become an everyday financial superstar

4. Lova Shoes new web layout – it’s a real thing baby!

5. My favorite cool offices.

6. I guess I’m all about this music this week 


1. The fashion week to know this week.

2. Lexus is pretty badass, man.

3. This company deliver snacks around the world to your doorstep. How cool is that?

4. If you’re a wine lover, you gotta check this deal.


1. This t-shirt looks so, so soft.

2. I decided to treat myself to a pair of Boots – need them in this rainy season.

3. Gotta make a brandy chocolate this weekend.

4. This Armenian Street Heritage Hotel looks awesome. Gosh!


Have a great Monday ahead, guys!






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