Hello my darling blog, I’ve missed you so much!

Traveling so often has turned me into a packing pro so I don’t overpack nor under pack anymore.

I always leave the packing to the last minute. Mostly because I need some of stuff before leaving anywhere, but also because I can’t make up my mind on which outfits to bring.

I had 3 days left. The return flight to Jakarta will be at afternoon, so I thought oh well, I’ll have plenty of time.

I’ll try to be neat and stuff. You never know, ok….you have to be prepared for any occasion.

Rubber shoes, stilettos for dinner meetings, wedges for day, flats for walking. Then you need to see whether or not those shoes match whatever clothes you brought!! So hard to be a girl. I remember a tip someone gave me; plan your outfits from head to toe and take pictures of them so you remember. And then stick to it.

A lot of flaws in that strategy:

1) Us being girls follow our moods. We might feel bloated and decide we don’t want to wear that tight fitting dress we planned. We might hurt our feet and not want to wear heels. We might get our periods unexpectedly and can’t wear those white pants.

Ok…that’s it. One flaw. Hehe.

But seriously, who has the time to actually do all that?? Just mix and match when you get there and to do that, you need to bring options!!

Fine, I’m gonna be serious.

When I’m traveling, I usually either just carry one of my check-in bag or hand-carry bag, I take both! I’ll let you in on my luggage must haves!


I always carry my valuables or pricier items inside the hand-carry bag. Usually they tend to be my gadgets. Also, there are times when my checked suitcase get’s delayed, so I make sure I have enough beauty products and simple make up products to last me a couple of days. Women!

It’s not easy packing light when it comes to beauty products especially because I have sensitive skin. But I usually carry a few of my core beauty products and makeup in the hand-carry bag and the rest in my checked luggage.  Also, I always keep extra Band-Aid bandages in my hand-carry bag.



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