“You haven’t blogged for a week! That’s pretty long for you,” Regi told me yesterday.

Gosh, believe me, every single night, I keep looking at my laptop on the table just waiting for me to press on the black keys. But mannnn this week has been so so tiring that I can just pass out on the couch. It’s really weird, I was just exhausted. I had non-stop activities from morning to night every single day, and so many things happened that triggered my blogger I-have-to-blog-about-this mode, but either age or something seemed to be catching up with me. My mind was riled up to write, but all my body wanted to do was to melt into my soft white chair..

Maybe a quick update of the month?


I just got back to Jakarta, after 25 days away. Had the website launch meeting. Had a few interviews, can’t wait for them to come out. Countless meeting with our shoe artisans for our New Year & Idul Fitri preview presentation (that’s right, we work monthsssss ahead). Working on our next celebrity collaboration for Lova Shoes. Lova Shoes is going through raising capital that comes from VCS for our investment funding which involves millions and millions so you can imagine how serious work has been these past few months.


My mom has been so sweet to call me up everyday to ask me how I am, don’t forget to take my supplements, don’t forget to pray etc etc. Today, she called me to tell me about this miracle iron steamer that she saw on GoShop and told me I needed one too. I mean seriously, moms keep us grounded. I can be working my butt off, but hello, every woman needs an iron steamer. Haha. So, tomorrow she’ll be coming to Jakarta and stay with me.

I wish my sister can spend New Year with us in Jakarta. It’s been few months that I haven’t seen her. I haven’t told you guys that she’s working in Cepu. It’s like 14hrs journey by train. She’s attached with the Oil & Gas company and working as an engineer there. So yeaa, hope to see her soon.

My handsome cousin engagement party is in January and the Wedding will be in August next year!

I’ve been lazy to exercise for the past two months. But I’m trying to do my 5km running everyday, which is tough for someone as lazy as me.


Tasya have slept over 2 nights last week and we’ve been having late nights and early Subuh mornings. Way too much love in the friendship department, but I secretly love it. So much to celebrate about (I’ll share why, soon).

Didn’t manage to see Suyin on my last trip to KL. Hope to catch up with these gorgeous woman on my next trip to KL. Bless her.

Did an hour conversation with my college buddy, Kien. She gave me some insights in Marketing, Gosh she’s the marketing expert. It was nice to catch up with her by phone. She’s a busy manager, wife & mom to a beautiful daughter.

I’m trying to juggle it all at home and work, and still update my life journey on social media. Which I think I’m doing pretty well on Instagram. Quite honestly, I’m having the time of my life right now. Life is so busy and fun, just the way I like it.





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