Can you imagine life without your friends? God it would be so dull.

The truth is when you’re working, it’s harder to make friends because you’re focused on work. Unless you’re OK with making friends with your colleagues (who are mostly married with kids) and seeing them day and night all the time. Simply because you’re not as free as you used to be.

That is why I keep my old friends close. The good ones, of course. It’s really not that hard to send them random texts or in my case, constant updates about each other’s lives.

The sad thing is that as you grow up, you will find that people have their own paths in life. You’ll go to different colleges, different universities, different workplaces, different countries even! That is when the test is really on. Whether or not your friendship is worth cultivating, or you’re only friends because it was convenient once upon a time.

My good friends are all over the world. We started off somewhere together, then everyone went flying to different continents. Which totally sucks. But with the technology we have these days, it’s not hard to keep in touch and do useful stuff.

Sometimes I feel like we’re not even physically apart. I basically know everything about their life abroad through email updates. Listen to their mother’s blues, where they hang out, what time their working hours are, what they did last weekend, what they bought last week, who Alya is dating now (HAHAHA she’s going to kill me),  what they cook  for the weekend, how many times they go to the toilet in a week. You know, all the crucial information.

At the end of the day, it’s friendships like these that will go on forever. You’re pretty much stuck with them if you know you can’t live a few days without talking to each other.

What I’m indirectly trying to say is that don’t take your friends for granted, because friendship needs to be cultivated and without effort, it will fade away. Even easier if you’re miles apart.


Unless of course, if you have a mysterious friendship like Me and Lyra. We have spent a big chunk of our friendship being apart and not keeping in touch since graduated from college, as I had to work in KL. But somehow we still know we’re the best of friends. It’s hilarious that we don’t ever do mushy things together.

Hehe. My friendship with Lyra is the one that science cannot explain.

So, last night we finally met!

As usual, I arrived on time. After 10 mins of waiting, Lyra arrived gasping for air (thank God, normally I have to wait her for like 1hr++. Hahaha).

When we saw each other, it was almost like an airport reunion.


Ok. I haven’t told you guys about Lyra. She’s one of my best buddy since college days, we used to go to college together by angkot or ojek or whatever. Same class, as we studied journalism. But unfortunately, Lyra is always be one step faster than me, she graduated faster than me, she got married faster than me and now having one handsome son, Agy. Her husband is our mutual friend in college, Ridwan.  Oh, she have a house faster than me too (they will be moving in to the new house next year. Yeayyy!)

So, we finally ordered some food. Me and Lyra are on diet, so we decided to have some desserts and hot drinks. Desserts for diet, seriously? Croissant, Tiramisu and Red Velvet. Screwed diet, they looked yummy. We ordered them anyway, had  long conversations and tons of laugh.


MeandLyra_231215_8 (2)







Friends are special because God lets you choose which ones you like.

Kind of like candy.

So choose well.

Choose the good people who make you happy and somehow make you a better person.

Like candy, choose the good and sweet ones, not the bitter and rotten ones.


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