BEST OF 2015

Does It ever happen to you to listen to a song, look at a landscape, read a book and feel that feeling like you’re able to do anything? That feeling that makes you wanna realize your biggest dreams, the ones which are so scary to even talk about?

2015 was all about this: trying things I never was brave enough to do before, feeling independent, challenge myself, feeling super strong, than super weak and then a lion again. Gosh!

My life changed so much: I started to spend most of my time in Jakarta (where I hope to get a house next year), Started my small venture, Lova Shoes.  grew up in both my personal side and in my job.

This 2015 was the most magic/ tragic year, full of joys and satisfactions but also of difficult moments, where I wanted/could/had to only count on myself. And you know something beautiful about it? You can do it! Even when you miss your beloved and you’re far from home and from the people who know you best, even when you feel judged or not good enough from people’s expectations. You suffer a bit, but then you wake up stronger than the day before.

2015 was for me the year of the collaborations with some of my favorite brands, pitched my business to the venture capitals, attended fashion weeks and met lots of people in the industry.

I’ve been shot for my first real campaigns (Lova Shoes) and I still find it hard to believe when I see myself pose at front of camera.

I worked a lot on my shoeline, Lova Shoes, that had the biggest results this year (and the best is yet to come).

I worked on different capsule collection which were immediately sold out: two collections for Mother and Daughter shoes and Batik Floral shoes for, and my bomber tee-shirt (and one of my most important new project and capsule collection will be out in March 2016)

I started to establish myself in the Asian market, where I’m spending most of my time now.

In 2015 I took many flights, my miles card got a lot of bonus, my fear of travelling by myself left space to the excitement of something new.

Traveling is my biggest inspiration, and also in the moments in which It was hard to call a place home and I was feeling lost I understood that the important thing, at the end of the day, is to have somebody waiting for you at your arrival: my family, my friends, my team. Home is where the heart is: nothing’s more true than that and now I know it on my skin.

2015 was also the year and of the rewards: a lot of people (include my mother) who didn’t understand what I was doing started to respect me and appreciate me. The decision to quit from my job was a tough decision. I also understood myself that my job is new and difficult to describe, but that I can share a positive message just by being myself. Never before I felt free to express myself and always speak my mind: not everybody will like me, but I’ve never been so happy of all the success I had by starting my shoe line and opening a blog last year.

Lova Shoes, the company that I founded in 2015 is on track to become. I have to make sure that my business is profitable and can give bonuses to the team, help people to grow together with us by improving our lives better.

All this would have never been possible without my team: we’re still working in my living room and wish to move to the real office, that we launched in 2016.

I don’t know where I’ll be, what I’ll doing or what I’ll be feeling in a year: everything seems possible yet mysterious. Changes don’t scare me anymore, they excite me. I still get happy as a kid for new projects and surprises and this makes me proud.

I try not to set boundaries and fight against my fears, but I also accept the tears and the times I lose, which make my success even more important.
I have a lot to learn and I wanna grow and see the best of myself, but in my wishlist for next year there is a wish which is the most important to me: never stop exploring. Exploring places, exploring people, exploring feelings and explore myself. Because I want to discover all the magic around me. Thanks for this 2015.

foto 33 copy




The Day I Quit My Job

Lova Shoes Basic Tomorrow


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