Even if I don’t know you, I’m the sort of person that can cry at your wedding if I hear your dad speak or if I watch a sappy love story video of you. I just love seeing families come together and celebrate a union. I’m just soft sad like that. I love weddings!

So many weddings lately! People are getting broody aren’t they? Hehe.

One of them is my cousin, Mas Ugra.

So happy to see him finally on his big day. Last Saturday, he got officially engaged and the wedding Insha Allah will be held this year. I’ve been teasing him about his wedding for years and he’s always been Ga kok Ga kok. Mr. Ga kok will be soon marrying Miss. beautiful, Anita.

It was a beautiful and simple ceremony done by them, and I was so overwhelmed when I saw everything I just couldn’t speak.

I haven’t been to a proper engagement in a while and I didn’t realize how short it was! Basically, for Indonesians, engagement is just when the MIL-to-be puts a ring on the bride-to-be’s finger. That’s it! And then makan. In the olden days, the groom-to-be isn’t supposed to even come as he’s not involved in the ceremony, but nowadays, they sibuk come anyway. And of course, taking selfies.

“Of course I want my groom to come to my own engagement!! What a silly thing to not allow the guy…” I said to my mom once.

“Ini nih, anak zaman sekarang gatal banget.” Mom teased me and rolled her eyes.



Look at our nervous face, this was on our way to go to the Bride’s house










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