So, I have created changes. That means I had the day I quit my job. In fact, the last time I quit my job was to start my own company which was so exciting. Nonetheless, it is still the day full of emotion and tricky. So, I thought I’m gonna write a post of some lessons that I learnt in the process and hope it can be helpful to you.

Here’s the things that I consider before quitting:

The Career Slow Down

The career slow down is a huge huge myth. If you’re going to another job that isn’t the same career path. But you believe it will make you happier just being at better environment, it’s not a really good choice.

On the other hand, if you’re moving to the different career path or start your own company, you’re chasing a totally different skill set, you’ll learn something entirely new and you’re putting yourself on path that truly make you excited about, which again will make you a happier person. So, if you choose something that can make you happy, that can be a good thing.

What if I hate my new job or it doesn’t work out?

The thing is what will make you regret is not taking an action. So you just have to take the bullet, quit your job and try the new thing. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s not gonna be your last job or your last career that you ever have anyway.

The most important thing to remember is you’re not wasting time of doing this if things don’t work out.

Do you know Dr. Seuss? He is an American writer and illustrator best known for authoring popular children’s books under the pen name Dr. Seuss. He failed at the first time, most publishers refused to publish his books, but he kept trying and didn’t give up writing and didn’t give up meet the publishers.

He quoted: “And will you succeed? Yes you Indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)”.

You just need to put 100% yourself of what you want to achieve.

What About Money? 

It’s important to think about of whether you’re doing this for the money or for the opportunity?

In my case, I’ve never made a career decision because of money.

So, from being a business development executive to marketing officer it was a totally high pay cut to do that, and I went from expatriate to Lova Shoes I went down to the zero salary until now. And of course, those times was tough but the thing is to these days or even when things are difficult, I never look back. Every single time I made a move even if it was less money, I got happier. If you’re making a move to make yourself happier, then chances are you’re passionate of what it is that moving you into. I honestly thing passion is such a defensible strategy because when you’re passionate about something, you relate to whatever it is you’re working in which probably you intuitive or liking your own customer.

If You Quit, Be Honest and Transparent

Quitting a job is really emotional. Not just for you, but for the business that you’re leaving. You might be worried about processing an end date or about competition issues or you just don’t want to make them angry. But remember we often tell our selves the worst case scenario. Often the way you leave the job, is the way you’re remembered. 

Industry is small, life is small and you’re very lucky to run int these people again so important to not burn the bridges.

Just keep your chin up and know that you’ve done everything you could have. Remember you’re probably playing up the worst case scenario in your mind.

If you decide to quit your job, then my warmest congratulations to you. And if you decide not to quit your job, then well done on being brave enough to explore the opportunity. That’s a really cool thing. Please know that it’s so normal to be nervous. And I’m sure you have your own stories that you want to share, so please put your comments below. I love to learn from your experiences as well.

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