Oh hello, I didn’t see you there creeping into my blog.

What with me busy being a kitchen goddess and all…

*wipes hands on apron*

(have always wanted to do that, Yes I’m actually quite sad like that…)

THAT’S RIGHT, GUYS!! I’m starting my catering business in partnership with my mother.

But, gotta try to cook some food till this weekend first!



My Thai Style inspired grilled green chicken was marinating in chopped fresh herbs for 24 hours before grilling to perfection, served with Som Tham (Papaya and mango salad), brown rice and our famous pandan and gula kawung cake. It doesn’t get better than this I tell ya’ll !


 A compote of mashed apples infused with vanilla beans, with a little sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to top off the dish.

That’s it, I even sound like a kitchen goddess. Sighhh I just have it in me, I tell you. I made ayam goreng sound sexy, guys, come onnnnn…I sound even sexier than chef Gordon Ramsay

Ok, that is all. Till my next Michelin star entry.


Your Kitchen Goddess. 


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