I really don’t see the point getting a nice sports car in Jakarta (or any busy city actually). Have you seen the roads here?!! They’re so narrow, parking is a pain and traffic is usually bad. There’s no way you can fully utilize your car in the city. You’d have to drive out to the highway to enjoy your fast car, which I think most of the rich here do anyway.

Wait, do we even  have a proper highway here?

The boys were talking about the fast car, BMW i8. I’m not really a car person, but I did want a BMW to be my dream car. I actually went for a test drive in a BMW a few years back (can’t remember which model).


As for the BMW i8, I like the sporty look and the seats look really comfy too. Love the stylish body! And umm…dunno much about the mechanics but the boys were saying the car is fast yet is still smooth and not bumpy


Look how much stuff I can bring on a roadtrip?!! It’s a 1.6 automatic (can’t drive manual cars to save my life) so it’s powerful enough for roadtrips.

They even showed me a video on YouTube. I don’t understand how boys can just watch cars zoom by really fast and go Whoaaa….The last place you’d see me at is the F1 circuit.

Speaking of cars, do you remember what you wanted your first dream car to be?


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