From Kitchen to The Shoe warehouse

It’s been fun and mad weeks for me, @lovashoes and @xoxolova team. I’m working on an exciting project with my sister, we’re starting small catering project. It’s called Rendang Sahara; It’s a traditional Indonesian style dish.

Rendang Sahara is a delivery service of fresh home cooked rendang. We use hygenic containers & Vacuum packaging in 250gm, 500gm and by the kilogram. We sell beef rendang, chicken rendang, ‘jengkol’ rendang & serundeng teri.


Our fresh home cooked Rendang sealed in 500gm and 250gm, using family recipes.



So, everyday I have to wake up early and go the market. See, I told you I’m just a kitchen goddess like that. Haha. Cooking is in my blood and I love to cook. So yeaaa, I’m the type of a girl that love to make my hobby becomes money and do it together with my loved ones. It’s a blessing!

I realize how lucky I am to have my mother and my sister in my life and how God made it so easy for me to have a happy family. It’s not about the rendang, but it’s the time with them in the kitchen that is so invaluable to me. I know so many people whose mom don’t get along, or they themselves don’t get along with their mom. And here I have these two wonderful women, who I call my mom and sister (also becoming my business partners).


 Lova Shoes Ready to Wear collection launching tomorrow. With Lova Shoes Ready to Wear we wanted to offer customers ready to wear that are all must-haves as the building blocks of every wardrobe. So, don’t miss out.

1c copy (1)




Have fun shopping tomorrow as we are also giving a week-long promotion of 20% off WHOLE CART if you have one or more Ready to Wear item in your cart. The coupon code will be revealed in our newsletter tomorrow so click here if you haven’t already signed up to Lova Shoes


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