Someone asked me, “Why don’t you take up golf?”

My response, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. *pause* Oh God, you’re serious?”

First of all, I’m probably as tall as the golf stick.

Secondly, sun, UV something, skin damage. Hellooooo?

But I gotta try it tho.

There’s this one nice outdoor golf place in Bandung, called The Valley Golf that my friends and I went to last weekend.

You basically just hit the ball to the field and it calculates the pressure and direction to determine where it lands. And the difficulty changes depending on what surface your ball lands on; sand, rough etc. Wahhh I sound so cool talking golf language, but I actually don’t know what I’m talking about.

I loved it because I get to pretend I’m Tiger Woods (*or insert another golfer’s name here since Tiger Wood isn’t popular anymore*) without embarrassing myself much. I get to create my own rules, choose glamour golf names and cheat however they liked (until the supervisor came and corrected me).

No one there will judge you.

I mean, really, my booth was this:


(I didn’t even wear shoes, this is what you called a kampung golfer)

I felt like WAGs playing in the very important “tournament”.

This place is a great way to learn the basics of golf. I even picked up a term or two. Holes, par, urmm yeah that’s about it. The boys excitedly explained every detail of the game and we girls excitedly nodded and went “Ooohh” and “Aaaah”. Of course, this all went to waste as soon as I walked out of there.

Overall, The Valley golf was great fun. The boys were happy, the girls were happy, everybody enjoyed themselves. I might even come again.




Btw, did you guys know Tiger Woods’ real name is Eldrick Tont Woods?

OK, this might be super old, but hey, it’s news to me!


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