So, I accidentally left my laptop in the warehouse this morning and was going to pick it up, but then I thought, NOOOO I MUST HAVE SOME REST.

So I left it there.

Well, ok fine, I picked it up again this evening because I was about to faint and felt all puke-y without it.

But I did have a nice chilled full weekend.

(Yes, this is one of those posts where I tell you what I did today. Give me chance donk, I never do these kinds of posts since my uni days)

On Saturday morning, I found my mother next to me when I woke up and realized she has been visiting me and staying in my place for the past two weeks. I went for my Saturday morning run, I did 5km run (I’m not a gym person). Had lunch with my mother, my niece and nephew. Yay!

We stopped by my cousin’s house to disturb her making a gazillion wedding cakes (poor girl had to work the entire weekend finishing cake orders). Then I went to the warehouse for a while for me to settle some stuff quickly.

Dina picked me up for early dinner with Clara.

.Had so much fun with this lot we decided to go for morning run and tempe mendoan tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow will be a fun day! Lunch with my mother, tea with my girlfriends, and at night had my first ever experience being in a live auditorium of a TV programme. Will share more later. For now, my bed is calling. My relaxed weekend isn’t over yet. There’s still time to absorb the carefree-ness before I have to attend to work emails and hectic schedule that await me.

Ps: can’t wait for my sister to come home next weekend!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend too  🙂

Sharing with you my fave words that wrote by Seth Godin on his blog 

Ten questions for work that matters

What are you doing that’s difficult?

What are you doing that people believe only you can do?

Who are you connecting?

What do people say when they talk about you?

What are you afraid of?

What’s the scarce resource?

Who are you trying to change?

What does the change look like?

Would we miss your work if you stopped making it?

What do you stand for?

What contribution are you making?

Hints: Any question that’s difficult to answer deserves more thought. Any answers that are meandering, nuanced or complex are probably a symptom of something important.

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